Grands: Adam No Fun At All

The perils of staying with your elderly Grandparents. Huge tears began to roll down Adams face and he started to sob because he thought that both Far Guy and I had died simultaniously. Yes siree while lying in bed talking and obviously not hearing him calling for me in the other room, we had expired..both of us at the same time. He opened the door and immediately broke into tears..I said "Come here dude, what is wrong?" He replied "I thought you both died." Some hugs and assurances that it would be highly unlikely that we would both croak at the same time, a little tucking in and a reminder to say his prayers seemed to calm him down enough to finally get him to go to sleep, that and my promises not to leave the room..I had to get permission to go to the bathroom.

Yesterday we had a busy day, with two swimming adventures and a trip to a local tourist trap. Today we bring him back to his parents. During swimming last night he scraped his leg on the diving platform, for a moment I thought he might have been seriously hurt..instead I think he is just lonely and overly sensitive. His parents recently moved to a new house, sometimes a move makes kids more sensitive.

I glued his visions of a fish, a turtle and a vulture together. He showed me how he thought they should look..I thought they turned out quite nicely. He searched underwater for all the rocks for these designs, bringing me a few rocks at a time to save and bring home.

He told us he had no fun whatsoever..

Nope no fun at all..

He was bored to tears with his grandparents. His very old Granparents who could possibly croak at the same time..leaving him all alone with only Chance..who he said barked because there was a bear outside that was going to come in and kill him too..can you say DRAMA.:)

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4 Responses to Grands: Adam No Fun At All

  1. ineeda says:

    Great rock art!

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    A move to a new house makes me anxious too, it takes awhile to get comfortable in new surroundings. The pictures of him enjoying all those activities will probably be special to him some day and help him remember all the good times at grandma and grandpa’s house.

  3. pyro says:

    so which side of the family does he inherit the drama from??

  4. buffalogal says:

    Adam’s drama reminds me of two of my sons! (wshen they were tads) It is amazing how kids’ fear of losing parents or grandparents is very real to them.

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