Who gave these people permission to drive on my road anyway, they ruined a perfectly good photo. This is a spot in the road where I like to stop and take a photo of the empty road and the surrounding fields.

 If I really zoom in with the camera it looks like this road is part roller-coaster. It used to be worse..small children who were inclined to be car sick would sometimes feel their tummies being tickled by the road..I believe it was Tami who came up with that saying..a long time ago, and now my Grand-girls use the same tummy tickling to describe the ride ..except some of them request "Drive really fast Grandma."

This road is in the opening chapters of Red Earth, White Earth, since I didn’t see the movie I don’t know if it was depicted correctly in the film or not.

 For me it is just the road home, away from traffic, even if it is only a car or two, most people who I know anyway..who wave and smile, so I wave and smile back through clenched teeth..I like having the road all to myself:)

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2 Responses to Traffic

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Tickle the tummy is a wonderful way to describe the roller coaster feeling. Aren’t kids great?

  2. m says:

    We used to call similar hills “Hee Hills” because they’d make you hee hee hee (aka giggle because they made your stomach drop) if you went over them fast enough.

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