Hooked or Hooked Up?

 I have Far Guy hooked on Garage Sales, ever since he found that one piece for his Lionel Train (The Depot) for a whole dollar he has been "hooked." There are many advantages to this situation, he straightens up the house, encourages me to accompany him and always takes his billfold, sometimes he even springs for lunch.

Recently I have found some cool stuff, like the long legged and long armed Angel that hangs from a wreath outside the front door. I really should attach her with a wire instead of just a red twist tie. I have lots of "stuff" I hang from this wreath..all "stuff" bought at garage sales.

I have a bare nail outside on the opposite side of the door..sometimes I hang a Christmas Wreath there..this summer I found this creation for a quarter or maybe it was fifty cents. It was a good deal.

Yesterday we were at a garage sale, Far Guy is always talking to people, he knows lots of people from the Hockey Arena, from the Air Guard and from growing up in the area. I cannot begin to remember the names of all the people he knows, sometimes he cannot remember their names either. He will ask me "Do you have any idea who that was?" This time it was one of his old girls friends..again..they talked and talked. I noticed he tried to walk away on several occasions, she just kept following him around. I tried to drum up an equally exciting conversation with a perfectly good looking stranger in a red shirt with grey hair..and we spoke just for a minute or two, at which time he retreated hastily..perhaps I was a bit too exciting for him or maybe my days of batting my eyelashes are over. I wandered back and forth, forth and back, Chance was in the car, I was tempted to join him..they talked and talked and laughed and laughed..now I think I have this "thing" all figured out..either she is stalking him or they make prior arrangements to meet at garage sales. When he finally escaped her clutches..he paid for my purchase and we went to the car and Far Guy said " I think we will have to stop meeting like this."

Well I have news for him, he can meet her at garage sales all he wants, as long as he keeps bringing along his billfold and keeps coming home with me :)

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  1. TechnoBabe says:

    That’s all it takes, find one treasure and you’re hooked.

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