Dog Catcher

We had a great day out on Cass Lake with our daughters and their families yesterday. It was a beautiful day, one of those perfect to be on the lake of those days you dream about in the winter. Chance was an only dog yesterday..I took him out on the lead..he can swim..he prefers not to be out of his comfort zone..but he can dog paddle. Border Collies are not relaxed swimmers like retrievers..but he did great!

Savannah and a friend

Far Guy did a nose drive out the side door of the pontoon and I fell out of a perfectly good beach chair..landing in the water but still holding my camera in the air. Our daughters are amazed that we can be left alone during the week.

It was a fun day! Water and some sun will tire you out. About a half a mile from home, we both watched a little animal come out of the ditch and begin running down the road as fast as his little legs would carry him. We both said "It is a puppy." Far Guy stopped at the side of the road. I hopped out and began to chase down this puppy, he was running in circles, he had a collar on..but he was a pretty fast runner. Cars are coming from both directions..well it was a good thing that people slowed down..I guess if I saw a wild looking woman wearing a red shirt standing in the middle of a State Highway waving her arms..I might slow down too. The "puppy" hid under our car. When he came out he ran circles in the road..he finally got curious enough about me to come too close and I grabbed his collar.. now is the time I could be bitten..but I was fearless..I lifted him up into my arms and got into the car.

"You been in the slammer long dude?"

Chance’s new outdoor kennel worked wonderfully for the evening, I made some phones calls, Steve and Jo came to look at him…there is a 500 dollar reward for a lost dog in our area. Chance and I have been on the lookout for that dog. Steve and Jo both said "Nope, you don’t have the 500 dollar dog." Bummer, but who ever he belongs to must be worried sick. Far Guy didn’t think that I should bring him into the house..because he might have fleas..well I checked and didn’t see any sign of fleas. He was hungry and helped himself to food in Chance’s dish. When he accidentally "watered" the log post in the dining area..he was put into Chance’s kennel indoors for the night. He is a friendly little thing, maybe part Spitz and part Pomeranian. He does have a rabies tag and I am waiting for the Vets Office to open so I can find out who he belongs to. He was a gentleman all night long, and slept quietly. I am guessing he is about four years old and belongs to a little old lady because he has a pink collar..and that his name starts with a "B" maybe Buttercup ( my guess) ..or Buddy (Steve’s guess) ..I will udate here later with the results:) 


Update 10:30AM: Pee Wee’s person was very happy to see him, she lives with her family about a miles from us.  Pee Wee had quite an adventure:) 

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5 Responses to Dog Catcher

  1. ineeda says:

    Good for you, Farside. Someone will be very relieved to get their dog back. On Friday after work I went looking for the lost blind lab/retriever mix by Dalton. No luck, though.

  2. SS says:

    What a good thing you did!! A lot of people would have just driven by… PeeWee looks exactly like a Shiba Inu – it’s a Japanese breed. I’m fond of them because I watch a Shiba puppy cam. I myself own a very spoiled Pekingese… he’s the love of our lives. Thanks again for doing such a good deed.

  3. ineeda says:

    Pee Wee – what a great name for that energetic little guy!

  4. dreamboat annie says:

    Thinking of another blog you might enjoy:

  5. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Thanks for your comments!
    Ineeda..sorry you didn’t find the lost dog:(
    SS..I should have asked what breed he was..I will have to find a photo online of a Shiba Inu:)
    Dreamboat Annie, I have been following Lauries blog for about two years..she is one of my favorite writers! :)

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