Chance: My Sisters turn again! Far Side says I should talk about my sisters, that way she won’t get in trouble..and just between you and me they both love me so much that it would take an awful lot for me to be in trouble with them.

Both my sisters have boats, a real advantage when you live in Minnesota, which is the land of 10,000 lakes.

 Better yet is when your sister lets you help navigate. This sister has the boys, and two dogs, both Shelties..Miney and Little Elvis and one cat named Chaucer..with a name like that you can bet that this one is the English Professor. She only has three more weeks until school starts again..that and she taught two summer school sessions..she is a really busy person and Far Side once heard her say "Hurry, hurry, quick, quick, quick ANDREW." She and Miney are the only girls in that house and sometimes I think they feel outnumbered, or maybe just a little stressed out from all the testosterone. I did make her mad once or twice, in my jumping up stage I managed to welcome her with muddy feet. I was just so happy to see her I could not contain myself, I am older and wiser now and realize that women wearing white pants and muddy paws don’t mix. How was I supposed to know, Far Side never wears white anything.


My oldest sister has the girls, who all adore me. They also have a Sheltie named Dakota who is old and grumpy. Far Side says I should be patient with her, because Dakota has had a stroke and has a thyroid problem. They have four cats at their house…I like to stalk cats..I am not sure what I would do if I caught one ( Far Side says it might not be I am admonished to be nice…very very nice) They have Bailey, Luna, Ziggy and Skittles (One for each little girl plus an extra) . The kittens hiss and carry on something fierce when I show up, but they are getting more tolerant as they are getting older. Paige quoted her father one day " Dad said no more cats, three cats ago." This sister is a Nurse, she works in a clinic. When I was a pup, this sister used to sneak me bits of beef jerky…I will love her forever.

Just so you know, Far Side took lots of photos of them..she won’t share them all..especially not the eye rolling ones and probably not the one where one of them was sticking out her tongue at Far Side..but here is one from our day on the water.

This one Far Side calls "My Grumpy Girls".  Do you suppose they have been irritated once again by our Mother and her camera? :) 

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4 Responses to Chance: My Sisters

  1. buffalo gal says:

    Thaks for the insights, Chance, about your sisters and also for the pictures….can you take those pictures even without opposable thumbs or does Farside do it for you?
    Please tell Farside that Tricia looks a lot like her mother…..maybe Jennifer is FarGuy’s female clone???? Let me know Chance. You are a great blogger and I enjoy your turns!!!

  2. buffalo gal P.S. says:

    that is spelled “thanks” Sorry about that. The I corrected it thinking that the East Side lady might read my bad spelling (or my fat finger typo)

  3. ESP says:

    B Gal, ESP doesn’t care… she can’t spell half the time herself. I don’t think it is grumpy, I think it is the sun.

  4. TechnoBabe says:

    Chance is so fortunate to be part of a great family.

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