Wistful Wednesday: 1970

These are a couple of my cousins, they are lucky kids, they were adopted by my Uncle Adolph and Aunt Lila back in the late 1960’s. They were much waited for babies. My Uncle and Aunt built a brand new house in preparation for their first baby’s arrival..I do not remember if they knew that they were getting a little boy..I just remember a huge baby shower and two new parents beaming with pride. His sister followed a few years later. This photograph makes me smile every time I look at it..it was taken about forty years ago..A Paramedic/Fireman and a Hair Stylist/Teachers Assistant :)

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One Response to Wistful Wednesday: 1970

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    This is a picture of two very lucky kids. I really like that they are having so much fun playing in water and dirt. I wonder how many kids get to do that today.

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