It is a fact of life, when you get older, your body or mind starts to fail. Your big outings are to the Clinic, and if you feel up to it after that you might live dangerously and go out for a late lunch or early supper. When you get older you can often just eat once late in the afternoon and it counts for two meals. You look in the mirror and instead of a youthful image, you are frightened by the old lady that stares back at you.. screaming does no good..she is not going away. So you may as well just accept the fact THAT YOU ARE OLDER! It is just one of those facts of life..you can be carried into oldness kicking and screaming or you can just sit back and enjoy the Senior discounts and afternoon naps.

This morning I heard on the Today show, that Memory Loss is not a problem until you start becoming lost. What if you can’t remember that you are lost..just a thought.

Far Guys medication makes him forget sometimes. However it is a very selective memory loss, as it always seems to be concerning something that I have told him and reminded him about..and then he says "Well how come you never mentioned THAT before?" or "This is the first I have heard of that." I have threatened to write stuff down and make him sign it and date it. He on the other hand says that I just think I told him and since he cannot read my mind he hasn’t got a clue. He is constantly hollering at me from the other room "I can’t hear you talk to me when you are in there." Perhaps I was just mumbling under my breath. One of our most frustrating forgetful incidents is medications..some days he just forgets all day long to take his meds..If I ask him, he will say "Yes, I took my meds." When it is obvious by the pill reminder container that he has not. "WHAT are all these pills doing in here then?" I am now in the habit of walking by his pill container and visually checking its contents..I pick it up and shake it..and always remember to take it with us wherever we go. Togetherness takes on a whole different dimension when you get older..together perhaps one of you will always remember to take your meds everyday..and keep you from getting lost.

Happy Birthday to my perfect Son In Law handy Andy..he is smack dab in the middle between thirty and forty today. He is on the cusp of oldness, the part where a little grey hair just makes you more handsome:)

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3 Responses to Oldness

  1. susan says:

    mmmh Andy has matured nicely he was cute, but now what we mature Gals would say, He is a tall drink of water on a hot summer’s day…mmh

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    Some things start going when we get older but many things just become more precious and more fun. For me this is the best in my life ever and if I have one more year or twenty more years I am blessed. I live on social security only now and my lifestyle is simple and peaceful. So for me getting older has improved my life. Hugs to you and Happy Birthday to you son-in-law.

  3. ESP says:

    You old ladies keep your hands off my young husband!

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