Birds of Prey

The birds of prey have made short work of the deer carcass that is down the road. Someone hit a deer about a half a mile from our house. Chance and I scared the Eagles feasting one evening. We waited for them, there were two, to settle back in..there was too much traffic..I could see them landing across the road in the field every time a car disturbed their feeding. When the traffic was sparse we drove really slow and stopped right in the middle of the road and got this photo of one of them in the field waiting to visit the carcass. They must have feed at night, because in just a few days..there was nothing left but a puddle of brown and a rib cage.


The other day, next door neighbor Jo and I saw a turkey vulture. This is the first one I have ever seen in Minnesota..I didn’t get a great photo because he flew away. But it definitely was a turkey vulture, this is the same area where the wolf was sighted, perhaps there is a deer carcass in that area also.

The birds of prey seem to be more active this week, we have seen lots of hawks and many eagles flying over the fields looking for mice and rabbits and what ever else inhabits the grasslands. Perhaps their young are very hungry..

Last Sunday when we were up on Cass Lake and we were out on the lake tubing, I saw an eagle fly in, I hollered at all the kids to look, and then the eagle barely touched the water and came up with a fish. Andy had been dumped off his tube and was in the water when the eagle flew right over him. I have witnessed the eagles keen fishing ability before, but this was a first for the grands:)



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  1. TechnoBabe says:

    That would be such a treat to watch an eagle swoop down and grab a fish. Your picture of the eagle is great, don’t you think so?

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