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Well July is over by two days already, time to turn over the calendar. We have had a rainy summer so far, some days I think that some of the flowers are way ahead of themselves..perhaps they just like the excess moisture…or maybe Fall is in the air.

These flowers are on a side street in town, they are planted in a planter filled with moss..and watered with drip makes for a beautiful flower filled sidewalk. It is a good thing that this side street is pretty. Main Street in Park Rapids is going through a renovation..the water and sewer lines will be completely redone. Far Guy says that they are doing fancy dancy corners and getting new light posts, and center parking is getting a face lift. I guess new bike racks will be installed, but they don’t allow any bike riding on Main. They also have a no loitering policy, so when this project has been completed you better not hang around and admire it too much or you will get a ticket. The project begins today..and will stall over the winter and will be completed next year..about a year from now. Two summers ago the streets were tore up all the businesses that survived that will undergo another year of construction.

In my opinion, the work should be done in sixty days or less..September and 24 hours a day to get er done. Put up some construction lights and get er done. Work three different crews. Three city blocks..that is all it is..why in the world is it going to take an entire year? What do the city planners have against the businesses that are the life blood of their city. The last time this construction company was in town and disrupted the entire summer it became a big joke because they were so slow that grass practically grew under their feet.


Oh what the heck, I am not a shopper anyway, I go into the Hallmark Store once in awhile because Ann is very friendly and if I need something I buy it from her if I can. Her store at least has an back alley entrance. I am not sure what all the stores on Main Street are..many are tourist traps..with the same old stuff that you can buy at any other summer tourist destination..they just change the name of the town. Same old junk.


We have a Walmart in town now, it has effected Main Street. Most Walmarts the parking lots are full..not the one in town, you can always find a parking spot near the front. If Walmart is struggling, you can bet that the rest of the town is not far behind. The Pamida closed after Walmart came to town, it sits vacant, it was the first discount store to come into town a long time ago. I see more buildings sitting empty, waiting for new owners. It must be the "recession" it has finally come to small town America:(

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  1. TechnoBabe says:

    If I could have a garden, I would want it to look like the one in your picture, the flower garden in the planter along the sidewalk. I really like the various flowers and plants and the higher blue ones. I saw in magazines a few years ago where you could order a strip and lay it down in your flower bed and water it and supposedly would get a lovely flower garden like this one.

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