The Coffin

Far Guy has been building me a coffin. He built it out in the garage, I told him what dimensions I needed and he came up with a design. I helped him seal the outside, but we are leaving the inside bare wood, because I like the smell of pine. He loaded it onto the wagon behind the three wheeler and brought it to the patio door. We put a strap on it to lift it up through the door, we really need some steps back there..after 12 years you would think we would have had steps on our list. But no, we just hoist stuff up through that door.


I tried out the coffin, I started to giggle and couldn’t stop. It was comfy and I had plenty of room to roll around…getting back out was a hoot, but I made it without any assistance. Of course Far Guy could have just dumped me out. It is perfect.

My entire ten foot tall artificial Christmas tree now has a home, and there was room left over for all my Shiny Brite ornaments to be safely tucked away! I have my very own tree coffin.

 Here are a few of the new/old boxes full of ornaments that I purchased at garage sales this summer.

We needed a tree topper, and I have been looking for a Shiny Brite day Far Guy found this one, it is very pretty, he suggested I buy it just until I find a perfect Shiny Brite one.

I don’t have very much room for many more Shiny Brites in the tree coffin, but I do have all that room in the closet where the tree was temporarily stored and the spot where the three totes I still have a little room. So the quest for more Shiny Brites will continue:)

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2 Responses to The Coffin

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Your arm hanging over the side with you in the coffin looks like a Halloween gag. What a perfect storage coffin. Far Guy does such nice work!!!

  2. Jan says:

    What a nice “coffin box”! Far Guy should hire out making them! I am so surprised at all the shiny brights you are able to find, in tact in boxes! What a fun hunt that must be!

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