Class Reunion Continues

Far Guy and I went to a local "watering hole" last night to reconnect with former class members. I was able to locate a few of my classmates that I had not seen in over twenty years. One was even more obnoxious with her camera than I am. I refrained from taking photos..besides that photos of old people with grey hair are not my thing.

 I visited with a couple of kids that I started school in first grade with…Vivian and Mark. Now there is a of them had to walk back to the Legion to retrieve her car in her jammies after she sobered up after Friday nights festivities. She claimed she was still hung over..but was still sucking them down. Can you tell that I have absolutely no tolerance for drunks? I did have a nice visit with Dianne and Debbie..both skin and bones..I cannot believe how skinny some gals can be and still be alive. Trudy and Donna, now there are a couple of gals that are always matter what. I did enjoy myself..despite my bad attitude.

When I was ready to go home I could not for the life of me find Far Guy. I asked his classmates..they replied well he was just here…it seems he was hiding from me, right behind one of his Air Guard /High School buddies..I asked them, "What are you two up to?" They said "Oh not much, we are just mooning people."

 I did take a photo..two old bald guys having a good time:)

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  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Mooning people. Good one. They do have similar heads don’t they?

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