Outstanding In a Field

I have been looking for a sunflower field, in fact we have been taking different back roads to town looking for a field. Surely someone must have planted one lousy field. Then one day it was there right along the road..I am always looking for the buffalo to be out in their front pasture, so I totally missed this field while it was growing, hard to miss once it blooms.

 Far Guy and Chance indulged me. Nothing prettier than a whole field of these beauties.. in my opinion. I did not go into the field..but I did stand on the very edge..I may have even trespassed by a few inches.

If I were a farmer, I would only plant Sunflowers and Flax. I would love to see a flax field in full bloom..I have not seen one in a really time.

I love all flowers, but the Aster family of which the sunflower is a member in good standing is my favorite family. And yellow would be my favorite flower color.

I was asked recently if I always had an appreciation for flowers, and yes I have always liked them. My Mother and Grandmother always had flowers, and my second grade teacher who lived nearby had beautiful gardens. When I decided to go back to school/or pick a totally different career after we sold our small fishing resort on the lake..I took a year off to figure it out. I was thinking about something in Horticulture or becoming a Travel Agent..there was a glut of travel agents..and I really didn’t want to open a travel agency..I just wanted to travel. I finally ended up at NDSU in one of the admissions counselors offices..I took one of those tests..one of those “what would you be most happy at tests.” My top results were Child Care Worker, Police Officer and Horticulturist. I had worked in the child care field several times, and while I enjoyed it immensely I could not see it leading anywhere..I enjoy kids, but everyday? At 45 and with a bad leg I figured that I wouldn’t even pass the physical to be a Police Officer..so I enrolled in Horticulture classes at NDSU, I majored in Horticulture and minored in Forestry. I loved it there and would have been very happy to be a student there the rest of my life, taking classes and making young friends..eventually getting a degree, perhaps several ..but alas that was not to be, life intervened, first the 500 year flood of 1997 and then the next year Far Guy was retired from the Military and he said it was my turn to work for awhile. I took a job in Northern Idaho as a grower, it was beautiful there..zone 5. Far Guy asked if I couldn’t please do the same thing in Minnesota. Yes, I guess I could. In fact perhaps I could grow and sell some of my own plants, now that I am retired from the Greenhouse business, I have time to once again appreciate flowers. The ones grown by someone else, the wildflowers that bloom effortlessly..and the sunflowers in a field. :)

Area Voices will be undergoing some changes tomorrow.  The Fargo Forum is upgradeing their blogging software to WordPress, they say it should be better..we will see.  If you have me bookmarked as one of your favorites, I may be missing because they are changing the domain name.. you can always go to the Fargo Forum website to find me,  and if all else fails I am on blogger here.  I may not have a blog post tomorrow or it may be late in the day before the site is up and running.. anyway I hope you find me!  Change is good..isn’t it?:)

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3 Responses to Outstanding In a Field

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Great pictures of sunflowers. We had such huge sunflowers all around where I grew up in southern CA. Thanks for the heads up of the changes. I will find you at one of those places. I don’t want to lose reading your posts.

  2. roxane s. says:

    Far Side, I’m a little dizzy from trying to find my way around the new AV platform, but your sunflowers were pure joy today. You know that I love them too, as well as many other kinds of flowers. My Adam calls me the Flower Girl. :) I’m quite happy with that title! I know you are a fellow Flower Girl and I love you for it!

    • farside says:

      Thanks Roxane, At the moment I am a little lost and confused myself..I have used up all my storage space in this new software ..apparently there is a glitch in the system:(

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