Old Dishes

I always look for dishes at garage sales.  I look for depression glass dishes to round out either of the sets that we will leave for the girls.  I look for the dishes that my Mother had when I was growing up.  Sometimes I find dishes that I am not looking for.


My Mother started a set of dishes for me before I was married.  She got them as a premium at the grocery store, it was one of those promotions where you could get plates one week, cups and saucers the next week. Back then I think they were 19 cents or 29 cents each, you could buy extra serving pieces every week. Pieces like a gravy boat, salt and pepper shakers, a creamer, a sugar bowl, platters and serving bowls.  I had a five piece place setting for eight back then. (I used to take them out of the box in the bottom of my closet and envision them with stemware on a beautiful table..shining in the candlelight.  Just me and my prince charming enjoying a formal dinner. Me in a floor length diaphanous gown that matched the blue in the fine china and he in a riding suit..and his dashing horse tied right outside the door of a forty room mansion..dreamer.)

Since those dreaming days, little by little I have added to the collection and have place settings for twelve. 

Until the other day.  I was at a garage sale and there was a box of dishes for ten dollars..eight place settings that were almost complete. They were missing the small bowl that was part of the set, but I believe I have extras packed away. Someplace. Now I have almost enough matching dishes for twenty people.

Far Guy looked into the box of dishes and he said “ Are you starting a new set of dishes?”  I answered “ No. This is the same set that we have had for forty years now.”  He does not remember them, although I know that I have used them for many family dinners over the years.


These are Vintage Fine China Japan 6701 Grape Vine and at the replacements website a five piece place setting sells for 32 dollars..so I think I did pretty good.  Someday one of the grands will hit the jackpot in dishes:) 

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4 Responses to Old Dishes

  1. Ann says:

    These are the same dishes my mother collected and we used as our good dishes for many special occasions and sunday dinners. My youngest sister now has them as is still enjoying them. So surprised to see them in your blog, I called my sisters. Where to you find replacements?

    • farside says:

      I found them at replacements.com if you do a search for Vintage China 6701 Grape Vine you will come up with lots of options! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the comment! These dishes were made in 1967:)

  2. Jan - Alexandria says:

    Been off to a weekend of scrappin’ so just catching up. These are the same dishes I have from my mother. Glad to know the date they were made. I thought they were a little earlier than that as I was already married by then. Life and dates just become a blur! Love them and use them for special occasions. Hope one of our girls will enjoy them someday…or maybe a granddaughter or granddaughter-in-law. Was fun to see them appear in your picture as I scrolled down! :~)

    • farside says:

      Hi Jan from Alex, You will need days to catch up after a scrapping weekend..I was so tired after the last retreat, but I had a great time! It is great to find other people out there that have the same set of dishes..thanks for the comment! :)

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