I am cranky

My husband says I am cranky. He may be correct. However the more he suggests it..the crankier I become.  Even if I was not cranky to begin with, by the time I have heard “Gee you are cranky” a couple of times..by then I am a tad cranky.

Far Guy says said I shouldn’t have ripped the Chief a new anus when he called to talk to him the other day.  Oh well..I have been around a day or two when the Chief was in one of his  “moods.”

My other baby brother called me one day..he said “Sis..don’t growl when you answer the phone, be cheerful, and be nice”  Then two minutes later the freaking phone rings again..I holler “HELLO..this is Cheerful Connie.”  He replies..”Just wondering if you were listening to me.” 

I am on a phone strike..I am not answering the stupid thing..I am ignoring it.  I have had it with it interrupting my thoughts and  disturbing my well being.  Far Guy said he could rip it off the wall for me and throw it in the woods..he also said that if I needed to dial 911 at any time perhaps I could send them an email.

Men..between my husband and my brother..they are ganging up on me..and I think they are picking on me.  I think they like irritating me.  They want me to shut up..my brother said that perhaps when I am disgusted with someone I should just “grunt”.   What kind of a hair brained solution is that?

My husband thinks that I should never say anything negative. I am serious..sometimes I can actually see him raise his eyes heavenward and plead with the powers that be for me to shut up.   Everything I say should be kind and positive.  Like the other night when he nearly abandoned me at a local store..where I had just received horrendous customer service.  There isn’t anything that gets my goat worse than poor customer service.  I could have called the owner of the store..instead since I have an aversion to phones..I emailed him.   Now if I had taken Far Guy’s advice I would have said “Thank you so much for having a service available that is not available, I love coming to town twice because you have taken a vacation from your job.” Or maybe I should have just grunted.


Here is the pretty picture for the day. This is the young gentleman that passed us at about 75 MPH and caused people that were in the oncoming lane of traffic to give him the one finger salute. He wasn’t wearing his seatbelt either..you can see the strap on the right is the same as the one on the left..unoccupied.

Far Guy had a cow and called him every name in the book..I was nice and said “Perhaps he didn’t see all the oncoming traffic..or perhaps he is in a hurry to visit his dear mother.” :) 

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  1. Carey says:

    I remember Grandma being a bit cranky at times, perhaps you are becoming like her.

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