Sunrise on Monday

Chance and I woke up before the sun on Monday morning.  My baby brother in Oregon wanted to see some sunrise photos.  I usually enjoy the sunrise from indoors..or at least from the front door, with one eye open and one eye closed..and yawning!   I am so not a morning person.  In order to see a sunrise here you have to get into the car and drive out of the woods.


First we drove down the highway a half a mile. The clouds were layers of golden pink colors.

Deer in the field Sept26 2010

Then we turned around to go the other way..and we spooked a bunch of deer..Chance thought he was a big shot scaring them as they ran all over like a bunch of wild ants.


We looked for a good sunrise spot.  This one is over south of the cemetery.  Then we went and lollygagged around over at the Dead Beaver area..where the water is really high because of all the rain..

Sun finally appears  Sept 26 Back out on the prairie and it is finally a sunrise.

IMG_7921 These are some wild Asters that are showing off next to some  underbrush that is turning colors.

We are having a warm spell, the itty bitty tiny Deer Ticks are out again..Chance had six of them today..all crawling on his white fur. When we get a hard frost they will be gone..I cannot wait.  It was cool this morning….but my Jammies kept me pretty warm, and Chance was good company.  When we came home I saw a flash of white tails in my nephews drive..I quickly rolled down my window..a bunch of deer were trapped between his dog Bailey..who wears a collar for an invisible fence and Chance who was dangling out his window barking so hard that he was making me giggle and making the car none of those photos are decent enough to share.  So the big news of the day is there are way too many deer in here again, I figured as much.

I hope you enjoyed the sunrise trip..I won’t be doing it on a regular basis..unless of course I just stay up all night until sunrise and then go to bed:)

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