Tuesday Trip

Last Tuesday we took off on an adventure.  The leaves were at the height of their Fall color.


We made many stops along the way.


This public access to a small lake was a perfect place to stretch our legs..Chance is a good traveler…but we all need to get out of the car!  We stopped at a few Antique Shops, and visited a few places that are total blog fodder.

Our destination is clear..


Follow the yellow brick road..follow the yellow brick road..no we are not in Kansas..we are in Grand Rapids, Minnesota the birth place of Judy Garland.  There is a museum there ..but it is only open on weekends in the winter..and they think winter starts right after Labor Day.  I wanted to see the Ruby Slippers..then I heard that they were stolen back in 2005. We will have to go back again..on a weekend. They must have some other fine memorabilia there.  I did see a pair of ruby slippers in one of the Antique Shops..unfortunately I hardly ever take my camera into Antique Shops.

This time we were there to see two special ladies. The first one was Far Guy’s Cousin,  we had a lovely visit with her..Chance played ball and pooped in her front yard. We found out later that the next door neighbor has hand raised two baby skunks that have been known to spray dogs..luckily we did not see them. Her dogs Curley and Macy have both been sprayed.  She reported that both times a diluted bleach water worked the best to remove the worst of the offensive odor.

In the evening we headed to the Library, to meet the second special lady.  Chance was walked once again..before we headed to the book club talk where Laurie of Three Dog Blog and the Author of News To Me Adventures of an Accidental Journalist was being featured.   It was a pleasure to meet Laurie and have her sign my copy of her book.  Her interview was awesome, just like Laurie!  If I had not already read and reviewed her book..I would have bought it.  Far Guy enjoyed Laurie’s stories too!  IMG_8115

Laurie is on the right, she was interviewed by a local Grand Rapids Gal that had a local radio show about books.  Anyway..both of these gals who said they were both “shy” were very entertaining!  Far Guy said “They both have a way with words.”  It was a very casual gathering..with cookies and hot apple cider served.  We were welcomed by several people..it seemed to be a real friendly group of people…they had on their Minnesota Nice!  This was a lovely way to end our adventure and head back home:)

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2 Responses to Tuesday Trip

  1. Ann says:

    I stop there in the passed two years. They had a pair of red slipper there. But don’t remember what was said about them.
    I miss not being able to read the other comment and look at other blogs. I was following a couple of other one but never mark them as favorite. Oh well will spend a lot less time on the computer. Glad to see you and Gene are doing well again. Dave goes for shoulder surgery on Friday.
    Really enjoy your sunrise picture.

    • farside says:

      Hi Ann, I can help you find them..email me which blog sites you want. Oh my..I hope that Dave has a successful surgery! There were seven pairs of slippers that were used in the movie..the Museum at Grand Rapids just had one real pair..they are probably using replicas now. :(

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