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Home Brew

Yesterday we went to a tasting… a beer tasting. Our son in law Handy Andy is a home brewer. Beer is an art or so he says. See, he could sell his own beer. Note his fancy cup, yes it … Continue reading

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Jack Frost

He made a visit to the area..he left some signs.. On my Peegee did well this must thrive on neglect.   On my stupid Forsythia ‘Meadowlark’ that never blooms…not even one lousy tiny yellow…zero..zilch.  On my Spirea … Continue reading

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Being Prepared

Just a week when we go off of daylight savings time is when your smoke detector batteries should be replaced.  So put batteries on your list..ours take the little square that is what it says on my grocery … Continue reading

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October: The First Snow

It had to happen.  Sooner or later it was bound to snow. I slept in.. much of it had melted before I was awake for the entire day.  This was our yard yesterday October 27, 2010. The wind had howled … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday : Far Guys Parents Through the Years

Far Guys parents..Marvin and Evelyn.  This may have been taken the winter before they were marred ..or the winter after.  I believe the car is an Overland but I am not sure of the year.  Far Guys Dad always did … Continue reading

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October 26: My Other Baby Brother

This date in history is kinda important to me. It is the day that my other baby brother entered the world in 1960 when I was nine.  I honed my babysitting skills on him.  He had no choice..he was stuck … Continue reading

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Chance: Happy Birthday to me..I am six!

Guess what happened exactly six years ago today???  I was born! Betcha didn’t know that..well neither did Far Guy or Far Side until I picked out Far Guy the day after Christmas in 2004.  Okay!  You can all say AWWWW … Continue reading

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Diphtheria Corner and Why Reading is Important

I am doing a little research for a friend. I am trying to find the grave of her Great Great Grandfather. It is not going well..but the grave may be unmarked. There are many graves in this cemetery that are … Continue reading

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Chance: Long Lake and The Smelly Fisherman

A few days ago Far Side and I visited Long Lake early in the morning. There are 91 different Long Lakes in Minnesota. We were at the Long Lake in Hubbard County at the Hubbard Public Access which is on … Continue reading

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Enjoying your work

This morning Chance and I got up before dawn and took off to the Hubbard Prairie.  My Dad would be finding a surprise when he got to work around 7:30 AM..did you know it is barely light at that time … Continue reading

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