Chance: Happy Birthday to me..I am six!

Guess what happened exactly six years ago today???  I was born!

Betcha didn’t know that..well neither did Far Guy or Far Side until I picked out Far Guy the day after Christmas in 2004.  Chance #3 2004

Okay!  You can all say AWWWW all together now..I was really cute!!

Fast forward six years…One of my favorite games next to playing ball is jumping for water in the lake..

Chance and Gene Water in the air

Far Guy splashes water into the air and I try to catch it in my mouth.  It is a really fun game and I like to play it until my tongue is hanging in the water.  Far Side took these photographs last summer and was saving them for a special day.

IMG_5089 Jumping for joy..just because I can!

IMG_5139 Sometimes Far Side gets a little wet..and she giggles..

IMG_5198 I get a little wet too..Far Side says there is nothing better than the smell of a wet dog. She is a true dog person.

I am a very happy dog.  I have lots of balls in all colors, I play ball many times a day…it is my job.  Border Collies need jobs!   I  sleep indoors every night where it is safe and warm. I get brushed and my teeth get cleaned.  I chase squirrels and chipmunks out of the yard but I hardly ever bark, I am a silent stalker. If I bark either I want something or I am announcing to the neighborhood that I am outside and I am on duty and something is out there.  I go on adventures almost everyday even if it is only a walk to the mailbox.  My food dish is never empty, but I only eat when everyone else eats their supper..cause I am just a tad spoiled. Far Guy gives me special treats, but not too many of them because Far Side says I have a sensitive stomach. He is not allowed to sneak me any extra treats..and I do not eat table scraps..unless of course it is spaghetti squash or French fries..I bet I get some French fries today:)

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2 Responses to Chance: Happy Birthday to me..I am six!

  1. Ann says:

    Yes your lucky to have found a nice family. There so lucky to have you. I can see you bring them much joy. I don’t like the smell of wet dog. I can’t believe they let you jump in the water then get in the car. Thats real love. My hubby lets T do that in his pickup. But then again I only ride in it when I have to.

  2. highlight says:

    Aw, you were a cutie as a youngster! I have pictures of my grand-dog Hurley as a puppy, and he was equally cute. Both of you have grown up to be smart dogs!

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