October 26: My Other Baby Brother

This date in history is kinda important to me. It is the day that my other baby brother entered the world in 1960 when I was nine.  I honed my babysitting skills on him.  He had no choice..he was stuck with me.  He was a pill. When he was six months old he refused a bottle. Mom had been breast feeding him..but he got some teeth (ouch). He was a biter.  He had a cup..which is fine..except at bedtime…then someone (usually me) would stand in the dark at the crib and pat his back or gently shake the mattress beneath him to lull him to sleep. Most nights I would even sing or tell  him stories.. His breathing would change and he would relax and fall asleep..then you had to wait, right there in the dark..first you would stop the patting or shaking..but stand at the crib poised to continue if he stirred..if all went well you could slowly sneak out of the room..sometimes you didn’t make it half way to the door before he was sitting up and screaming. This took at least twenty minutes every night..sometimes longer.

 december 1960

December 1960 we are all watching TV..it was our first TV!! Me age 9, my Dad holding my 2 month old other baby brother, and my baby brother age 6.

As he grew older he was my shadow and I kept him out of trouble and danger…except the time he fell on the metal fire truck…that was my fault..I was not keeping a close enough eye on him. He has quite a scar on his arm.

1963 Carey, Mom, Jody, Connie 1963: My baby brother age 9, my Mom, my three year old other baby brother and me age 12 sporting some stirrup stretch pants and beautiful jewelry.

My other baby brother was a nonstop talker, and still is….when he was little he chattered non stop..why this? why that? ..he was always curious about the world around him. He would talk to anyone who would listen to him, old and young alike.

So now this little baby boy turns fifty..even Far Guy said “I cannot believe your brother is fifty.”

Jodys 50 birthday My other baby brother and his wife “she who sees robins first” and all of their grands. Last Sunday they invited us over for lunch and cake to celebrate!  Happy Birthday Jody! :)

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2 Responses to October 26: My Other Baby Brother

  1. Ann says:

    Love your checked pants sporting patches. You were one tall drink of water at age 12. But then again I will always be short. Those stirrup pant were to long in the legs for me. Great to see all those lovely young children to love.

  2. Carey says:

    Happy Birthday to Jody.. He was always a talker, all the time any place.

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