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I finally captured the eagles

Chance and I have been out to check on the dead deer in the field many times. It was fairly simple to do once it snowed..there was no eagle activity. We would drive by slowly..the deer was just a snow … Continue reading

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Chance: Sivertson Lake

Far Side wanted to show you a photo of some idiots. They are North Dakota idiots ( their vehicle had North Dakota License Plates), I ran down the hill and barked at them.  I ran out on the lake just … Continue reading

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As The Snow Settles

That snow that we got the other day is still here. It was not a bad dream or a figment of my imagination. And guess was so fluffy and light that it settled. It even snowed a little more..perhaps … Continue reading

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Savannah: The Artist in 2006

Savannah our eldest granddaughter is very talented, she can draw just about anything. In 2006..oh gosh that was four years ago already.. She was awfully earrings and all. She drew a picture using chalks in her art class.  Her … Continue reading

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Hydrangeas and me

I love the long days of summer, the evening light is perfect for some great photography. The perfect Pee Gee Hydrangea blooms that I have waited all summer for are at their best in August. I can stay out till … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2010

We are spending a quiet day at home, cooking a turkey and thinking about how we can use all the leftovers..Turkey Hotdish, Turkey and Biscuits and Gravy and Turkey Salad Sandwiches are some of our favorites.  We will make two … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday : Thankful

When I write Wistful Wednesdays I look back through my many files of old photos until a photo strikes my fancy. A photo that begs to be written about.   My first thought about this photo was “ Someone quick … Continue reading

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The Third Snow

It had to happen, sooner or later we had to get the third snow. This is the one that usually stays for the winter. No happy dances were performed during this event. Yesterday was miserable, the roads were icy and … Continue reading

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Chance: Bravery at Cedar Lake

Sometimes Far Side scares me, not on purpose..well maybe.  Like over at Cedar Lake which is in the Two Inlets State Forest. There was a dock pulled out of the water at the Public Access.  In Minnesota most people pull … Continue reading

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Hard Water

Imagine Chances reaction to the ice that covered the local “Mill Pond” yesterday. This is Straight Lake at the Mill Pond..I am not sure if the big lake is frozen yet..probably not. I had thrown that stick out on the … Continue reading

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