Chance: Bravery at Cedar Lake

Sometimes Far Side scares me, not on purpose..well maybe.  Like over at Cedar Lake which is in the Two Inlets State Forest.

There was a dock pulled out of the water at the Public Access.  In Minnesota most people pull out the their docks because in the spring when the ice goes out the force of the ice moving around in the wind and coming ashore can take out your entire it is one of those rites of spring..the “putting in” event in the spring and the “taking out event” in the fall.


I got up on the portable dock just like she wanted, then I hopped right back off.  Far Side called me a “Scaredy Cat” then a “Chicken Dog.”  She is afraid of heights too..and she didn’t get up there. She said “Chance I cannot hold your paw and take your photo at the same time “Be Brave!”

IMG_9289 Then Far Guy being my brave leader and hero got up did he do that?  I wanna go too..If he did it I can do it too.  Sometimes you just need a friend to show you the way.

IMG_9290 One that encourages you along the way.


One that greets you after what seems like a really long scary journey.


There..we did it together! Just another adventure on the end of a dock that was covered in goose poop. This was Cedar Lake on Friday November 19, 2010.  Far Side likes this little lake, it has a picnic area and a fire ring and it looks like it has a sandy bottom..we will probably have to come back again next summer to play in the water:) 

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  1. Judy says:

    That’s so sweet. And so true.

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