Savannah: The Artist in 2006

Savannah our eldest granddaughter is very talented, she can draw just about anything.

In 2006..oh gosh that was four years ago already..

Savannah 2006 She was awfully earrings and all.

She drew a picture using chalks in her art class.  Her teacher was so impressed he entered her piece of art in a contest.  She won!! Her art work was made into a poster.

 Savannahs artwork I could not fit all of it on my large scanner..but I got the most important part.  Her piece is named “Morning Flight.”

Miscell 032 I did take a photo of it a long time ago.  It is still rolled up and in a tube..but it is now signed by the artist.  We need to get it matted and framed and displayed.

She is now a Freshman and she is finally getting to take an art class in High School.  Some of her art ends up on pieces of clothing..T-shirts and old jeans have been remade into walking pieces of art..nothing that I would wear..but she has fun creating and designing.

It seems like only yesterday that I would put her in the high chair and scotch tape a blank piece of paper onto the tray and arm her with fat crayons or magic markers:)

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  1. Savannah’s chalk art is stunning. She IS talented and I think she will be showing her work in a future art show somewhere in our area. Encourage her to enter the Hawley Art Show in April 2011. She could easily win the top prize in the student division!!!
    I appreciated the pictures of the IDIOTS in Siverson Lake…did not appreciate their blatant stupidity to be out on ice when the ice has not had a chance to get thick yet. They are a disaster in waiting if they keep this up. Our river did not freeze hard enough yet either so we are staying off it til we have some really COLD days and nights…there is a lot of snow insulation on it also.

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