The Third Day of Winter

It snowed here..not sure how much yet..  It snowed the night before I had surgery.  The snow stick says three inches..but I know it was more than that because it was over the top of my boots..

Snow Stick Dec 20 2010 Snow stick Dec 23 2010

Snow stick on Dec 20 and Dec 23

The surgeon is a cute little French Guy..pleasant for a surgeon.  You know sometimes their bed side manner sucks..but this guy was okay.  He thought he knew Far Guy..I don’t know what is up with that lately everyone seems to think they know Far Guy.

The anesthetists name was John..I got some kind of a block..where they put a tourniquet on your arm and then they wrap it with a blue elastic bandage and then tighten everything up till it hurts and your whole arm is cadaversish looking..I looked..then they injected something that really burned and hurt like the devil..then they knocked me out..

When I woke up I was talking about blogging and they were all laughing..who knows what I told them. They bandaged my hand and I had a nap in the hallway..I cannot for the life of me remember how I made it from the operating table to the gurney..

I am not supposed to get my hand wet.  I am supposed to keep it iced and elevated and keep the bandage in place till next week when the stitches come out. 


The stupid bandage leaves alot to be shifts and is irritating.  This morning I had to rewrap it myself.  The pain is much better today. I think I have three stitches ..maybe four.

It seems you have four pulley systems that work your only need two to function. I asked the question why do we have four then?  The Doctor said that it has something to do with growth and needing more as we are growing.  So he went into the base my thumb and released one of those pulleys..and my thumb will be perfect again once it heals.

Far Guy has bronchitis…he got really sick on Tuesday night while taking care of me.  I made him a Doctors appointment.  He didn’t want to go..I made him..I went without pain pills so I could drive him there..the Doctor gave him antibiotics..thank goodness..because all the way to town he whined “it’s a virus they aren’t going to give me anything for it anyway, this is just a big waste of time.”  Yada Yada Yada..

I am at the mercy of Far Guy for help bathing and for fixing my hair..I have an interesting new style..I have long hair and it is all caught up in a pony tail holder at the top of my head..kinda…it’s good thing the messy look is in.

Jen, Andy and the boys are here now, they arrived last night, Little Elvis and Miney are here too.  Tonight the girls will be here and they can help me finish decorating the tree upstairs. 

IMG_0148 December 23, 2010 Miney, Chance and Little Elvis.

I didn’t get quite everything done..but at this point it is what it is.  It is a good thing Far Guy and I work well together I can help him wrap packages with one hand..and he can apply liberal amounts of scotch tape and help tie beautiful bows:)

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  1. Judy says:

    Sounds like when it rains it pours. Good thing you two can work together! Have a wonderful family time this Christmas.

  2. Did the cute little French guy used to practice in DL? If it is him he saved my friend from a lot of disability with a broken arm a few years back.
    If you can answer on one of my latest blogs. Thanks.

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