Three Years

Today I get flowers. Or maybe it is you the reader that deserves the flowers. Whatever..


A Yellow Lady’s Slipper along the driveway.


A big old bee drunk on the nectar of the Baptisia (Wild Indigo)

Three years and 1,100 entries. Thats why we get flowers. Me for writing for reading them.

Far Guy and I never plan too far ahead.  We try to be flexible.  There was a Train Show that Far Guy had been looking forward to a few weeks ago..the weather turned we stayed home. He was was I ..not for the Train Show but for the Antique Shops that we would have passed by on the way back.

I won’t plan too far ahead with this blog either..if it makes it to four years that will be fine and dandy..if it doesn’t doesn’t. My daughter Jen would say “Mother it is what it is.”

I believe I have accomplished what I started out to do three years ago.  That was to leave some small part of me behind for the “Grands”.  I have a really good start.

I would like to thank my readers, and those who take the time to comment!  The side effect of having a blog is the connections you make with people of all walks of life all over the world. I have amazing friends..amazing readers who leave comments ..people who I could have over for coffee this afternoon and within minutes we could be in a comfortable conversation..but they would still have to bring their own cookies:)

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2 Responses to Three Years

  1. Jan - Alexandria says:

    I started to wonder where that was heading. Glad it ended before it got there! Hope you thumb is better. If it’s a long winter, you may need it to escape! May 2011 be kind to you and yours!

    • farside says:

      Thanks Jan in Alex..Happy New Year to you also! Two more days and I get the stitches out..they are driving me nuts:)

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