Sometimes you feel like a nut

Sometimes you don’t…sometimes you just feel stupid.  Such was the case last week…

Far Guy and I were ensconced on our respective couches watching a bit of TV..Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs to be exact. In the background there is a Nutcracker..cracking nuts.  I said right out loud in front of God and Far Guy and possibly even Chance.  “ I never knew that those nutcrackers guys actually cracked nuts.”  Far Guy began to laugh..”Whatya mean sweetheart..of course they crack nuts ..they are Nutcrackers.” 

I always thought nutcrackers were the things that sat in the bowl of know they were silver and you put the nuts in-between… squeezed for all you were worth and then the shell flew all over..leaving you with some of the nuts meat.

I never knew that the soldiery looking guys in red, green or blue uniforms called Nutcrackers actually cracked nuts.  No one ever explained it to me before..I must have been sick that day when it was taught in school…my Mom or Dad never educated me.. I have never been to the famous ballet ..I have never watched it on TV was I supposed to know?

Now to make it even worse..there is a Planters Peanut commercial where a Nutcracker assaults a peanut. That commercial would have helped me out years it just reminds me of my stupidity. If that wasn’t enough my oldest daughter when she heard of my lack of nutcracker education..just had to wrap one up for me…marked with the year 2010 so that I will forever remember when I discovered that Nutcrackers actually crack nuts.  

I wonder who told my children?  Did Far Guy tell them all about Nutcrackers one day when I was at work? 

IMG_0271 Oh well, you are never too old to learn something.  Do you think that it is a bit strange that it took me 59 years to discover that a Nutcracker actually cracks nuts?  I wonder what else I have missed:)

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3 Responses to Sometimes you feel like a nut

  1. Jan - Alexandria says:

    We actually have a 6 foot nutcracker and it’s for sale. Could be yours for the right price! Was brought from behind the Iron Curtain 35+ years ago by a friend. He has lived by our fireplace for 2 years. He’s lovely but needs to go. It is to be sold with the proceeds to the Children’s Shrine Hospital in Mpls. We just haven’t figured out a way to do and make good money for the children. I bet he could crack a BUNCH of NUTS!

  2. Ann says:

    I’ve given a couple of them to my son. Didn’t think they were made strong enough to do the job more for looks. He like the smoker better.

  3. WE never had a nutcracker of any kind..we sat by the table and used a hammer!!!!

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