Chance: The Best Part of Christmas

It is I the handsome blogging Border Collie.  Far Side is not fit to talk to anyone today.  I betcha wanna know why? see some nurse called her yesterday and CANCELLED her appointment to get her stitches out.  It seems the other nurses from same day surgery have no clue what their Doctors want. This clinic nurse who bossed Far Side around does and she is in charge of the appointments.  So the itchy bothersome stitches that are not supposed to get wet will stay in until Monday.  That was not a pretty phone call..afterward when Far Side started to bawl..Far Guy said “Sweetie, I can always remove those stitches if they get to be too much for you.”  I guess I could always chew them off …might be a bit messy..

On to the best part of Christmas. Food..oh yes a few leftovers..the BBQ Ribs that Far Side made were to roll over and die for..and Cheesy Bread..and corn that came out of the local fields last summer…and sister made cookies.

Presents..Miney got a bag of Tennis Balls and shared her good fortune with me!

I got my very own Hockey Stick!! Now we have we can really play hockey in the the driveway now. There was some confusion when it was purchased..apparently it goes by the height of the of my girls said “It doesn’t matter it is for a dog.”  Now there will always be two sticks on hand..we play with a tennis we can play all year round.  I also got this..

IMG_0181 a spidery looking ball that squeaks..I can’t take it outside because I might lose it in a snow bank.  This was a gift from Lisa J who lives in Washington State..she has Trigeminal Neuralgia just like Far Guy..and reads Far Sides blog everyday. She also sent a few ornaments …

IMG_0282  The most beautiful little Goldfinch..the State Bird of Washington.

Now get ready for a drop your socks off one of a kind ornament..Far Side thinks it is one of the most beautiful ornaments she has ever seen.




Far Side is reminded..that whatever silly discomfort that she has with her thumb is just a minor irritant…it will be all better in a few more days.. Trigeminal Neuralgia never goes away. Thank you Lisa J for thinking of us!  Presents, food and friends that understand make for a perfect Christmas for this handsome dog:)


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3 Responses to Chance: The Best Part of Christmas

  1. Ann says:

    Dave would just cut them and pull them out himself. Very thoughtful of Far Guy offering to chew them off.

  2. Oh get handsome-er with each picture I see! You are such a sweet boy and I hope that doesn’t bother your macho essence. I am glad you still get to play ball in spite of all the snow. Be a good Pup and I hope to see you again when the winter lets up!!!!

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