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Totem In Town

There is a totem pole in town, near the courthouse. It was a source of entertainment for Chance and I one day.  Far Guy was getting his Drivers License renewed. I drive by this totem every once in awhile, yet … Continue reading

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Have a seat, take a load off, sit your busy butt down and enjoy the moment. Ahhh..stretch out your legs and warm the bottom of your feet at the fire pit.  Have you put marshmallows on your grocery list lately?  … Continue reading

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Need Ice?

Years ago you had to get your ice chunks from the lake in the winter.  Jalmer Thompson would cut you  a 16 x16 inch cake that was 18 to 20 inches deep..depending on the depth of the ice on the … Continue reading

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Twenty Five Years Ago

Do you have things that stick in your mind?  Emotions that are intertwined so closely you cannot separate them? Like the day that President Kennedy was shot or for the younger generation 9-11.  Days in history that you recall..exactly where … Continue reading

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Tidbits on Thursday

We had afternoon coffee at the neighbors the other day.  I tried out a new muffin recipe on them..they were the guinea pigs. I asked them to please tell me the truth..if the new recipe sucked we could just pitch … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Then and Now

A long time ago a little village nearby was a hub of activity.  There were five beer joints and two hotels..Becky Henry’s on the corner and Mrs. John Schmaus place across the street, there were several gas stations and garages, … Continue reading

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Chance : Too Many Balls

It has been reported that I have been getting out way too many balls.  There were four of them in the kitchen yesterday..Far Guy said “Chance, one day someone is going to step on two of your balls at once.” … Continue reading

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The Roses

Years ago Far Guy built me a garden structure which we used as an entrance into the gardens from the parking lot. He used some pine timbers that were really thick and wide.  I had this idea to mount some … Continue reading

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The Penalty Box

Yesterday I wrote about “The Echo Ring”  where supposedly you can stand in the center and whisper and it can be heard all around the ring..should you have people standing there to hear your whisper. it turns out the … Continue reading

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Curiosity: Echo Ring

I am a curious person.  Are you? Today I want to show you an interesting structure has been in this park as long as I can remember. The Echo Ring in Deane Park located near Park Rapids, Minnesota. It … Continue reading

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