The Roses

Years ago Far Guy built me a garden structure which we used as an entrance into the gardens from the parking lot. He used some pine timbers that were really thick and wide.  I had this idea to mount some old implement wheels to the sides and have my climbing roses climb up.  We went by my cousin Danny’s place, he had some old wheels that were perfect, they used to belong to my Uncle Ervin. 

IMG_0896 Oh..that looks too cold and snowy..


Lets just fast forward to summer! There it is in the wild gardens!


The roses have been there a long time, they are Canadian Climbers, ‘William Baffin’ roses.  They do not like the warmth of the steel wheels..the ones on the east side to the left do the best.  The canes die back some each winter and must be trimmed every spring..if I were more diligent about pruning and forcing the canes to go in the right direction ..perhaps they would look better.

The flowers are only slightly fragrant.  These roses bloom from July till frost.


I love the roses and buds before they have opened.


Then they unfurl, they are a wonderful from their own root rose (not a grafted rose) hardy for our area where it gets 30 some below zero every winter.  Deer also love to nibble away at these roses..they must be tasty too:)

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2 Responses to The Roses

  1. highlight says:

    What a great way to re-use wagon wheels! We have one at the lake — I’ll have to see if I can find a climber for it.

  2. GramMary says:

    Love the vines climbing on the wheels. I can’t do roses, but admire anybody who can.

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