Chance : Too Many Balls

It has been reported that I have been getting out way too many balls.  There were four of them in the kitchen yesterday..Far Guy said “Chance, one day someone is going to step on two of your balls at once.”

Far Side has stepped on one..she cussed out loud. Wonder what she will say when she steps on two?


This is my treat ball, it keeps me busy.  Far Side fills it with kibble and since I am a working dog, I bat it around and kibble falls out the small hole and I can reward myself.


It keeps me busy in the kitchen for about five minutes, sometimes longer.  Five minutes is a long time for a Border Collie to entertain himself.

IMG_0971 Border Collies like to work, work work..all the time..all day long.  If you don’t have cattle or sheep..then you should be prepared to play ball many times during the day inside and outside.

As The State of Confusion Address is tonight..Far Side says “ If Border Collies were in charge at least their eye would be on one of the balls.” :)

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One Response to Chance : Too Many Balls

  1. Do I detect a double meaning in Farguys comments about stepping on two balls at once?
    Chance is wonderful and I love to read about him and his hyper- dog activites including that kibble ball. He may get less and less “eager” as he ages; it was kind of a relief when Mac got older and did not round me up as his favorite ewe every time I got the mail!!!

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