Wistful Wednesday: Then and Now

A long time ago a little village nearby was a hub of activity.  There were five beer joints and two hotels..Becky Henry’s on the corner and Mrs. John Schmaus place across the street, there were several gas stations and garages, a creamery, a bank, two or three stores..one was the JW Nunn store and one was a candy store, a movie theatre, a bank, a sawmill, a dance hall and a church..maybe two, and if you count the Catholic Church a mile north then it was three churches. 

This is what Far Guys Mom wrote years ago:

“ I remember the large J W Nunn store and my mother( Meady) bringing several cases of eggs to the store every week to buy groceries.  Those were during my childhood years.  Also riding to Sunday school by horse and wagon to the Baptist Church in Ponsford.”

“ As a girl my best friend ( Nellie’s) father had a confectionary store with candy galore, so I was always treated when I went to her house.  His name was Bob McDougal.”

“We always looked forward to July 4th as the Indians had a big “powwow” celebration and people came from miles around to see them dance.”

Ponsford_Main_Street2 A 4th of July Parade unknown year

“Ponsford was a thriving village back in the 20’s and had very neat buildings.”

Ponsford_Main_Street1 These old photos came from the Nunn and Crandall families via my friend Shirley.  Thank you for sharing!

Today, you would never know that Ponsford was a destination at one time.

I stood in the middle of the highway and took these photos last week.


Down by the second utility pole in the photo above would have been a Hotel owned by Becky Henry on the corner. See those shrubs off to the right..that is where the bank was.


The old creamery was in the north east part of town someplace on the left of this photo.   Nowadays  Ponsford has a Fire Hall and a Post Office and two churches, three if you count the Catholic Church a mile north..only two churches are being used and a number of houses..some occupied some vacant. IMG_1013 This is the church that is not being used.  I believe this is the same spot that the Baptist Church was located that Far Guys Mom talked about.  It has probably been rebuilt a couple of times since the 1920’s.  The Schmaus Hotel would have been right next door where the big pines are.

I found it curious that both hotels were run by women..I guess it was probably a good business for a woman back then..cook and clean..repeat when necessary:) 

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  1. Mary Ann says:

    Sad. Deb McComber wrote a novel about a small town that was revived Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the book. You have inspired be to start my own blog, I am unsure how to include your blog as one I follow. And advice?

  2. I jusrt caught up on reading your blogs! They are all so enjoyable. I loved the turkey and deer pics. We still get a thrill when our big Pileated Woodpeckers come to the deck for suet. I made some homemade stuff in a bread pan and that should last them a while. They really gobble it up…as do the smaller wps and nuthatches and chickadees. It is till way too cold!!!!

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