Tidbits on Thursday

We had afternoon coffee at the neighbors the other day.  I tried out a new muffin recipe on them..they were the guinea pigs. I asked them to please tell me the truth..if the new recipe sucked we could just pitch them out for the turkeys .

IMG_1122These are male turkeys..I have no idea if they are Jakes ( yearling turkeys) or Toms (more than one year old).  I wanted to show you their beards..which is the hair like tuft that protrudes from the center of their chest..and those spurs..the Indians used to make arrows from them.  I took this photo out of the window.


Dave feeds the turkeys and the deer year round. While we had coffee and goodies, the turkeys and the deer did a dance..the deer came out of the woods one by one..then a few minutes later here came the turkeys.  The deer chased the turkeys off, but as soon as the deer left the turkeys came back..until the deer showed up again.

Five deer and three turkys

I do not approve of feeding deer..it bunches them up and they can spread disease in feeding areas through their saliva.  We do not feed the deer at our house..unless you count the bird feeders that are sometimes emptied during the night. Many silver hairs in this area feed the deer..I have heard “Oh we just like watching them”  it must be one of those rites of the ageing.

Oh ya the muffins were a hit. It was just a regular bran muffin recipe that I added tart unsweetened dried cherries to.  It seems I ordered 10 pounds of tart unsweetened dried cherries when I should have ordered sweetened ones.  Next I am going to try them in brownies.  We like dried cherries..the bing cherries I dried in the dehydrator are ok..and the small packages I purchased in town are fantastic..but these unsweetened dried ones will really pucker you up.  Lesson learned ..or it will be by the time I get ten pounds of them baked into something.

Just so you know, I won some kind of lottery..I am not sure how many Euros make a million dollars..but I think I have several million, at least that is what the email said.

We have been chosen once again to be a Nielson TV Rating household.  This is the third time we have been chosen..they must have my number..either that or they don’t really believe that someone can have the TV turned to the weather channel and watch it off and on all day long:)

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6 Responses to Tidbits on Thursday

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Tart cherries are good in oat meal and banana nut bread, with chocolate chips. Just a thought

    • farside says:

      I was thinking of an oatmeal cake..but make muffins instead..that way I can freeze them..oh my the calories I am thinking of :)

  2. Ann says:

    I think your tart cherries would be great in Mary Ann Chocolate Mug Cake! But I love anything tart.

  3. Phyllis Pritchard says:

    Very neat pictures of the deer and turkeys. Last night just before dark, turkeys came out on the lake south of us. Late this afternoon, 15 turkeys, came from the north, walking single file going south down the lake, it was so cool!

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