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Volunteer Firefighters

In our area it would be impossible to have a paid Fire Department.  We rely on Volunteers.  Well trained neighborly volunteers.  I was a Volunteer Firefighter and EMT years ago, I am retired.   Far Guy has retired twice,  because day … Continue reading

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We had the occasion to get out and meet some new carvers.  I needed my knives sharpened..and when I bought them they came with Free Sharpening for life at a carving shop over by Lake Ida. Anyone is welcome to … Continue reading

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The barn is reasonably quiet, except for an occasional grunt and an odd squeal.  The heater fan turns on and drowns out the sound of the radio.  It is tuned to some Country Station. Perhaps the inhabitants of the barn … Continue reading

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Below Zero

In Minnesota when it stops snowing and the skies clear you know that is is going to get cold.  Last night it was –6 below and than as the morning progressed it got colder instead of warmer at 8 AM … Continue reading

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S(no)w Fun

Chance seems to be the only one having a good time in the snow. I bet you are getting tired of snow pictures.. me too.   That is what is new around pile on top of the old … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday :1953

March of 1953, I was still an only baby brother was born the next year in March.  From what my parents tell me, I went everywhere with my Dad.  I was his shadow. I was good at pitching fits … Continue reading

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Clean Snow

The snow was starting to get that all used up dirty old sock look. It had shades of brown and grey, some spots of black dirt were seen momentarily in the nearby fields. I said “Well that won’t last.”  It … Continue reading

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Monday February 21, 2011

It started snowing here sometime early this morning.  Chance and I went out and took some photographs of the beautiful event early this morning..then we went back to sleep. Chance must be sticking his tongue out at the snow.   I … Continue reading

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The Cooking Agreement

Far Guy and I came to a cooking agreement about 7 years ago.  I had cooked for us for 35 years.  I am not a good cook, I didn’t enjoy it..the only part of cooking I like is the eating … Continue reading

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Chance : My Drawer

When Far Side designed the kitchen cupboards, she said. “I hate those cabinets that you can not reach the back of..those ones where you have to get on your hands and knees to get anything out of. Lets build drawers.” … Continue reading

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