Monday February 21, 2011

It started snowing here sometime early this morning.  Chance and I went out and took some photographs of the beautiful event early this morning..then we went back to sleep.

IMG_1424 Chance must be sticking his tongue out at the snow.  


I never get Cardinals in the yard, so got a new garden flag with Cardinals. I had to shovel snow so the flag would have some place to hang. And yes I use a cloths pin to keep the flag on the holder..I got tired of chasing flags around the yard..and when I lost one for good..out came the clothes pin.


The little birds were here scarfing down the thistle seed.  They are used to Chance being in the yard, he ignores them.

I should have stayed awake early this morning. I will be unsettled all day today..I had a nightmare.  I was a finalist on Top Chef.  In order to pass to the next level Tom Colicchio said we had to eat some raw snake that was a delicacy..I woke up gagging:) 

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  1. I have been hoping for cardinals also but none have come. I read that if you have black sunflowers out they will come but this is not necessarlily so. My friend in DL sees cardinals in her backyard so I know they are this far north. I like the idea of a cardinal flag!!!!

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