S(no)w Fun

Chance seems to be the only one having a good time in the snow.


I bet you are getting tired of snow pictures.. me too.


That is what is new around here..new snow..to pile on top of the old snow, and to cover up the ice.  It snowed almost all day yesterday..the idiot weather forecaster said we would get about a half an inch..my eye.  My Nephew Josh came by and plowed us out and Far Guy did some cleaning up in the yard this morning..moving part of the huge snow bank back.  We just might be running out of places to put the freaking snow.

At least today the sun is shining, I sat outside for awhile.  I got pine pitch on my pants..so I had a sticky butt.  Skin-so- Soft gets rid of pine pitch.

I had to sit down for awhile..and I sat in the snow bank awhile..damn it is slippery out there, just like that I was ass over teakettle in the snow bank.  Chance noticed me first and came over and licked my face and then brought me the ball ( a ball always consoles him and makes him feel better..if it works for him why wouldn’t it work for me) ..all the while Far Guy was talking to me..but not looking at me..then he turned around. 

Why is it that when you fall down ..everyone wants you to get up right away?  When I have fallen, I don’t care who laughs..I am going to stay right there on the ground or in the snow bank until I have moved all the hurting parts and have gone through the mental check list of all of my 206 bones.  Then I might just crawl out of the icy slippery part and then get up.  Who in their right mind wants to fall twice.  I am fine..I managed to sit the bowl of bread crumbs that I was taking out for the birds neatly into the snow bank without spilling them all over and my camera was safely around my neck. It was s(no)w fun but it is February what do I expect:(

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  1. GramMary says:

    Ouch! Been there and done that a few weeks ago. Hope you aren’t too stiff and sore tomorrow.

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