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River Otter

Last year every time I tried to photograph the River Otter at the millpond, he would hide.  I stopped many days in search of a photo.  He is camera shy. Last Saturday we went by and he was sunning himself … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Muggy

Muggy was a Chihuahua.  He belonged to Far Guy and his family. He was mainly Far Guys Dads dog..he loved having a dog.  Far Guys Mom loved him too, but the dog would fart, he was on canned food..and that … Continue reading

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Long Month of Snow

March has been a long month..well it has 31 days..and we still have a good snow cover. Chance and I went out and took some photos this morning.  Chance has been playing ball in this direction as the driveway is … Continue reading

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Rural Minnesota Heartbreak

My heart breaks for the parents whose daughter was senselessly  murdered last Tuesday evening.  My heart cries for the young men who are now Motherless and Fatherless, they will face the rest of their days knowing without a doubt that … Continue reading

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Chance: A Big Yellow Ball

The other day Far Guy bought me a gift… Oh ya..we still have snow. The big yellow ball really scoots along in the snow. Pretty soon I had it way over in the woods behind the house. Far Guy to … Continue reading

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March 26, 2011

A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.  ~Author Unknown   My Baby Brother 57 years ago today..I became a big sister.  The bossy big sister, the one that used to punch him in the arm until he winced..the one … Continue reading

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Tire Art

I have seen some tire art. This one was cute..perfect if you a little person with a little butt and you like horses.  There is a whole herd of these tires at our local Farm Supply store. This is more … Continue reading

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It Snowed

Imagine that..our Spring was cut off at the knees by a snowstorm.  How many inches of beautiful white stuff did we get..5 or 6 inches.  Who cares. We have been thrust back into the bosom of winter. I took this … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: “The Kiss”

I have a few things to say today about my Father In Law, Marvin..Far Guys Dad.  He was a wonderful man with a great sense of humor, I learned many things from him over the years.  He died in 1994 … Continue reading

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A Quickie

Ha!  I bet that got your attention. We have a  snowstorm headed for us. We just walked into the house after an all nighter with the grand girls..they needed Grandpa and Grandma to get them from a Hockey Clinic and … Continue reading

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