A Quickie

Ha!  I bet that got your attention.

We have a  snowstorm headed for us. We just walked into the house after an all nighter with the grand girls..they needed Grandpa and Grandma to get them from a Hockey Clinic and help to stuff their faces with pizza and keep the boogie men away during the night.

We could not get a Wifi signal up there.

We are venturing out again to a big city for Far Guy to have a recheck on his arm. The bags are still packed and in the car..and Chance is going with us again..poor little guy is exhausted he was stalked by kitty’s all night long.

I missed Pamela in the guesses yesterday..sorry Pamela..you did not win.  Miss Jennifer..you will have to take my word for it that the snow did not melt overnight.

I leave you with a beautiful Minnesota countryside springy photo:)


6:30 PM Update:  Returned home safe and sound about an hour ago. Far Guy had a good recheck and he has a smaller club now..we traveled the last 25 miles on terrible ice. It is going to be a terrible snowstorm..we are glad to be home:)

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3 Responses to A Quickie

  1. It is getting ugly outside. We are hunkering down for the duration.
    Got a few things at the grocery store in town and I picked up some books at the library. If the electricity stays on we are set.
    Glad you had a safe, if icy , trip home and are snuggled safe and sound. Poor Chance..he is probably napping after being harrassed by a kitty.

  2. Ann says:

    Glad to hear Far Guy had a good check-up. We got lucky and only had bad road from Wolf Lake home.

  3. Ann says:

    I’m so old I didn’t get your titled until I was going to sign out!!! Your so funny.
    Glad to hear Far Guy had a good check up.
    We didn’t have bad roads until wolf Lake.

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