It Snowed

Imagine that..our Spring was cut off at the knees by a snowstorm.  How many inches of beautiful white stuff did we get..5 or 6 inches.  Who cares. We have been thrust back into the bosom of winter.


I took this from inside the woodshed..I am now in charge of fixing the fire in the outdoor woodstove.  Far Guy helps one handed and Josh stops by every once in awhile to throw in a really big chunk for me.  I crawled over a huge snow bank and rescued my trusty orange wheelbarrow to assist me.  I fill it with wood at the shed and then wheel it to the woodstove and unload it. It is not a job I really like..but I do like being I do what I have to do.


Miss Lynda guessed that the snow stick and the green ruler would be free of snow on March 23..that was yesterday..sorry Miss are not the winner. I did not blaze a trail to the snow stick, as you can see there is enough snow for a few more days.


Far Guy had a good re-check, and he got a new club.  This one is just a bit smaller than the other one.  Yes, he wrote a note to himself on it.  I added the gauze you see sticking out..and that bit of orange is vet tape..I wrapped one of the Velcro straps because it was driving him nuts…which it turn was driving me nuts.  I will spare you the gory photos..because they are gory. The original cut was clean and precise compared to the surgery.. the Surgeon increased the size of the cut and made several other incisions down the finger..I counted at least 14 stitches..perhaps is all gunky and gross.

The Occupational Therapist showed me how to exercise the joints in his pinky finger and ring finger so that the joints do not become stiff.  He starts real Therapy tomorrow..that should be a barrel of laughs:)

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  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Every time I read about FG’s “club” I get the giggles……finally a way for a guy to write notes on his hand without having to get ink on his palms!!!! Men write on their hands, spit on the ground, hock goobers in public….what do women do that is equally unappetizing?????? Maybe that picture I got about the Mississippi Gas Chamber is the answer! Tee Hee!!!!

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