March 26, 2011

A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.  ~Author Unknown

  Carey 1954

My Baby Brother

57 years ago today..I became a big sister. 

The bossy big sister, the one that used to punch him in the arm until he winced..the one that held him in a headlock till he said “I give” and the one that could beat him at arm wrestling. The one that held his arm behind his back until his feet lifted off the ground.  The one that would wet her fingers and give him red welts all up and down his arm..the old two fingered fight.

The one that played games.  Checkers, War, Chinese Checkers and Parcheesi. I would “let” him win once in a while just so he would keep on playing. 

The one that became a bit of a tomboy dribbling a basketball on the crumbling piece of cement where the old garage used to sit where we played “horse” for hours. Playing endless games of, hunting, swimming and picking leaches off each other. Riding our bikes so fast we could almost catch the wind. Getting in trouble together..wincing as the other received their punishment..knowing you were next.


October 2010, he was going to talk to our Father who was in the cat.

He survived childhood and all the adventures with his big sister..even the time I stabbed him with a pitchfork in the foot..and the time he stepped on a nail playing barefoot at the old grainery, and I am sure I saved him from certain death the time he stepped on the bullhead and got blood poisoning and had to be waited on hand and foot.  He didn’t swallow much water the time we made breathing straws out of reeds down at Zauche’s Lake although he did cough until he puked. I even looked for him the time he got lost deer hunting because he was walking in circles.

Despite me, he grew into a wonderful brother.. Happy Birthday baby brother:)

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  1. Carey says:

    Ouch! My foot still hurts!

  2. What a great blog of memories of your baby brother…who shares his birthday with my Dad born on March 26 1905.
    Really nice guys must be born on March 26-es!!!!!

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