Chance: A Big Yellow Ball

The other day Far Guy bought me a gift…


Oh ya..we still have snow.


The big yellow ball really scoots along in the snow. Pretty soon I had it way over in the woods behind the house.

IMG_1905 Far Guy to the rescue, I stayed put while he went and got the ball.


I played for awhile then it got stuck again.  Far Side kept hollering “Nose, nose hit it with your nose!”


I gave up and rested in the snow bank. A little later Great-Niece Anna came over with her Dad..she got the ball unstuck for me ..and then I took it back into the woods..and Anna rescued it again.  Then I got it stuck ..and pop..I guess one of my teeth must have put a hole in it..just like that it was no longer a big yellow ball..but flat as a pancake and it did not roll anymore.  I found Anna a proper ball and she threw it for me many times…I just love all the neighbor kids.


Here is the snow stick photo..sorry Linda P from are not the winner. Far Side says the snow is never going to melt:(

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One Response to Chance: A Big Yellow Ball

  1. Well, Chance—it was fun while it lasted…so pretty against the snow. What a rotten shame you only see black and white! The ball is really bright!!!!
    Maybe another day Farguy will get a pretty bright ball again You can sit up and beg for one. I bet he will give in and get another one.

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