Rural Minnesota Heartbreak

My heart breaks for the parents whose daughter was senselessly  murdered last Tuesday evening.  My heart cries for the young men who are now Motherless and Fatherless, they will face the rest of their days knowing without a doubt that their Father murdered their Mother.

Restraining Orders are not worth the paper that they are written on. I cannot imagine how it must feel to live in fear, fear of what your husband it going to do do you sleep do you shelter your children?

In a different incident last week…a seven month old child was left Motherless and Fatherless after her teenage father turned the gun on the childs mother and then himself.  Can you imagine how that child must be crying for her mother..I can and it breaks my heart.

We do not live in a big city or even near a big city. This is rural Minnesota “stuff” like murder and especially murder/suicides do not happen here.  Yet there were two last week…it shakes the core of the entire community.

You can shoulda, coulda, woulda all day long.  What is the solution to domestic violence?   I have a cousin who works in a Women’s Shelter.  She has an unlisted phone number..and you know those little blue signs that give the E-911 address..well she doesn’t have one at her house.  She gets threats on a regular basis. I don’t know how she deals with it but she cannot abandon the women that need her help. Some women are helped..some women are helped..I have to keep reminding myself of that.

So what is the solution..?? Is there a solution? After the funerals have been held and the stories become old news will anything have changed? :(

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One Response to Rural Minnesota Heartbreak

  1. I cannot fathom the two incidents of murdersd last week in Park Rapids and Perham.
    What kind of person does this? I cannot get my mind around either of these. The ones left to deal with it are the real victims. I so agree with you about restraining orders…nobody was there to “restrain” that man who killed his wife in PR. Nobody is ever there to enforece it..why even bother with them. A determined killer certainly will ignore any legal edicts. It is just sickening to think about.

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