Wistful Wednesday: Muggy

Muggy was a Chihuahua.  He belonged to Far Guy and his family. He was mainly Far Guys Dads dog..he loved having a dog.  Far Guys Mom loved him too, but the dog would fart, he was on canned food..and that made him gaseous. Far Guys Mom would holler.. “Would someone please put the dog out?” ..Out he went,  he was tied to the clothes line much like Far Guy was when he was little.  The dog was much better at running back and forth, but the dog never learned to unhook himself and run through the neighborhood and then hook himself back up again.

History was made by this little packed full of energy and much loved Dog named Muggy.

Muggy pooped right on my foot the first time I was a guest at dinner. Far Guys Mom was so embarrassed.  Far Guys Dad apologized “I don’t know what got into that damn dog.”

Muggy would snarl and yap at me and chase me from one chair to the next in the living room. He was the only dog I have ever been a little afraid of..but then Far Guy would “sic” him on me and just laugh.

Muggy tried to delay our Wedding by pulling out one of his toenails on the basement stairs.  He had been sent to the basement because there was lots of out of town company..and Far Guys Mom didn’t want a farting dog in the living room with all the company.  I am sure she didn’t want any of the guests maimed either..one day Ray L came to the door..he knocked and went right in..and Muggy started barking and took a flying leap right toward Rays crotch and hung there growling. Again Far Guys Mom was embarrassed.

Here is one of my favorite photos of the little darling..


Far Guys Mom was not in the kitchen..she wouldn’t allow the dog to get his germs all over the plate..or to sit at the table.

He does look like he is enjoying himself. Over the years he did learn to love me..Muggy lived a good long life.

I love looking at the “old kitchen”  the white cupboards would be replaced by oak cabinets..and the old white stove would be replaced by an avocado green one.  The copper colored canister set would go upstairs..and a set of lovely avocado green stackable ones would take up residence on the countertop.

This photo was taken in about 1966 or 1967 someone with one of those fancy instant cameras took this photo, their thumb print is off to the left:)

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  1. I love the stories of Muggy…when I get home again (we are leaving right NOW.) I am going to find the chapter in one of my James Herriot books about “James and his farting dog”…a huge boxer patient who suffered from “wind” as his proper upper crust mistress told Dr. Herriot!!!!

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