River Otter

Last year every time I tried to photograph the River Otter at the millpond, he would hide.  I stopped many days in search of a photo.  He is camera shy.

Millpond March 29 2011

Last Saturday we went by and he was sunning himself on an ice shelf..I was making a quick delivery and did not have my camera.  I hardly ever leave the house without my camera..but every time I do I see something I want to photograph.

Tuesday, whilst doing some spring cleaning I decided it was time to recycle..and made a quick trip to the recycle shed..and just drove by, willing him to still be there..

River Otter March 29 2011

I got him!  He was playing on the ice, he didn’t appreciate me appreciating him.  He went swimming..and even though we watched for quite some time he did not surface where we could see him again.  He can hold his breath for two minutes and can dive forty feet deep in pursuit of delicious fish, muskrats and turtles.  His long sleek body with short legs, webbed feet and a thick tail make him a perfect watery traveler, he can travel up to twenty-five miles in a week.  He doesn’t get cold, because of the oil that coats his hairs..he is for all practical purposes waterproof.  I was thrilled to finally capture him in a photo.

Last year he was here only a short time at ice out..to play and roll around on the ice and flop into the water at the first sign of danger or an old lady with a camera:)

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  1. Carey says:

    Nice photo, good job!

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