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All for the birds

Far Guy has been hearing the Loons since Wednesday the 27th of April. I have not heard them was way too windy to hear anything yesterday except for the wind rushing through the barren trees. Our acquaintance Larry has … Continue reading

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Thinking about May Day

Are you thinking about May Day?  Are you thinking about making a small basket to deliver to a small child or an elderly neighbor?  You still have time..May Day is Sunday. This is how I made mine this year. I … Continue reading

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April 29th on the 28th

Thirty-one years ago tomorrow my first nephew, Josh was born. I was so excited to be an Aunt for the very first time. He still calls me Auntie and freely gives hugs, he lives next door. “She who sees robins … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: 1884

In 1884 my Great Grandfather was Confirmed. This beautiful old document is dated April 06, 1884 in Walcottsville, NY.  My Great Grandpa was born in Germany on March 20, 1870 his birth name was Christian Higher.  He did not stay … Continue reading

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What’s on my desk?

This may be a new feature. I will be heading off to work exactly one week from today. Trading desks so to speak. I have had a tour, I have been called on several occasions to “handle” some things. I … Continue reading

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Time for a bath!

On Saturday afternoon we had a puddle in the driveway. This little Junco must have been having a Saturday bath.  Maybe his first bath in a very long time. Far Guy, Chance and I  watched as the water flew. Wanna … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday

Far Guy, Chance and I wish you all a wonderful Easter Sunday:)

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Spirit Lake

Chance and I visited Spirit Lake while we were waiting for Far Guy to get done at the Dentist.  As you can tell it was another sunshiny warm day..awe come on use your imagination. Spirit Lake is right in town, … Continue reading

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Chance: Birds and Squirrels

It is I,  Chance the handsome blogging Border Collie.  I had to chase Far Side away from the keyboard again.. This is part of my yard.  It is my area to patrol.  I keep one very chunky squirrel on the … Continue reading

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I like crocs and the croc knockoffs.  I began to wear them after years in the greenhouse with “swim shoes” that would have to be kept outside because they smelled so bad…no amount of foot powder would help them out. … Continue reading

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