I like crocs and the croc knockoffs.  I began to wear them after years in the greenhouse with “swim shoes” that would have to be kept outside because they smelled so bad…no amount of foot powder would help them out. I had three pair of swim shoes that I rotated throughout the day.  Then my daughter Jen gave me a pair of red croc like shoes.  Crocs served a good purpose for me, they were cool, comfortable and I could get them wet a hundred times a day and they never smelled bad. I was sold..out went the rotting swim shoes.

Old Red crocs My most favorite old red croc knock offs, they are MANY years old. I need to spiff them up a bit for summer..they are easily cleaned up and rinsed off.

I have one foot that is not is longer than the other and it has no ankle joint to speak moves bone on bone and has been that way well over thirty years ( long story ..shit happens)  I need comfortable shoes..I cannot tolerate a shoe that pinches my longer toes or touches my big toe.  Crocs give me the freedom to continue spoiling my foot and keep me from getting real cranky. I must have a flat shoe..forget anything with a heel. I am flat footed..I am not sure that I have arches..I do not need to support anything important..I just need comfort..and crocs work for me.  I do have a pair of hiking boots that I have had for years…I wear them if I am out walking on uneven ground.

Pink Crocs

Do I wear socks with my crocs..yes some days I do.  My best friend Susan brought me these the other need for socks with these pretty pink ones! Black Knock offs Basic black to go with almost everything. These were a Christmas Gift from Jen.

newest brown crocs

And these are my new brown crocs..from Cabelas. I think they are so cute..brown is the new black at least that is what my daughters say.

I know, I know..plastic shoes..I am supporting foreign countries.  I am single handedly filling up the landfills..but I have not thrown any of these “plastic” shoes away yet..and if I ever find any just like my favorite red ones at a garage sale you can bet that they will be going home with me.

Until I find a Cobbler to make me a custom pair of shoes I will be wearing crocs and croc knock offs…if my feet could smile they would:)

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  1. Did I forward the e mail called “A Croc in the Red River”? I opened it expecting to see a crocodile but it was a picture of a red croc shoe floating along the riverbank!

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