Chance: Birds and Squirrels

It is I,  Chance the handsome blogging Border Collie.  I had to chase Far Side away from the keyboard again..

This is part of my yard.  It is my area to patrol.  I keep one very chunky squirrel on the move.  He likes to eat the birds seed.

April 20 Snow in the air Far Sides stupid Day Lilies are up.  Now she hollers stay out of the “garden” ..huh.. I forget all about gardens when I am hot on the trail of a squirrel.

Chance and the snow April 20 

I am the perfect backdrop for snowflakes. There has been snow in the air everyday this week.  There is an old wives tale that says “It must snow three times on the tail of the robins before spring truly arrives.”  That old wife is in big trouble with Far Side.

Far Side ran onto another legend about the Robin:

Legend has it that it got its distinctive red breast when it tried to pull the bloody thorns from Christ’s head as he hung on the cross.


I don’t chase birds..especially legendary birds..Border Collies are not bird dogs.  Right now I am sharing my yard with Juncos, Purple Finches, Chickadees, Nuthatches, an occasional Robin and a Downey Woodpecker.  Far Side calls the Juncos snowbirds..soon they will be out of here.  I watch the birds come and go..and keep one eye out for that bird seed stealing squirrel:)

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2 Responses to Chance: Birds and Squirrels

  1. Chance I need you to chase a fat squirrel off my deck too…it’s tough that we don’t live next door to each other but good luck in chasing that one of yours!
    My fat squirrel likes to eat up sunflower seeds. I offered it some cat food but it still likes sunflower seeds better…the picky eater!!!!

  2. Kim Wyatt says:

    Humm, maybe Chance can Tell my Suzy border collies don’t chase birds. If they break her rules that’s it she is going to get them!

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