What’s on my desk?

This may be a new feature. I will be heading off to work exactly one week from today. Trading desks so to speak.

I have had a tour, I have been called on several occasions to “handle” some things. I now have my very own key and code to the alarm system. ( I practically had to sign away my first born child..but it was accomplished.)

Far Guy was so impressed he said he would like to work at the Historical Museum too.  I think he may just be my newest volunteer. I have no idea how I am going to recruit more volunteers and members. I am supposed to be thinking about that as many of the members and volunteers are silver hairs and just a few are kicking the bucket.

As with any non profit organization, they are always seeking ways to raise funds. Other than having an old fashioned Lunch Box auction, I am not sure of what I should suggest. I have thought about an old fashioned “Homemade Ice Cream Social.” I have lots of ideas running through my head. It should be something that conjures up a memory or a discussion about simpler times long ago.  Any ideas for me?

There is a fundraising dinner and silent auction scheduled for mid June..I will be “working” the room trying to drum up some new volunteers.  I am not cooking..I already told them I don’t write Grants and I don’t bake or cook.

I have not fundraised for many years..not since I made the rounds to many local organizations seeking funds for the local volunteer fire department to buy equipment. 

Next week I will be working on an advertizing brochure and a self tour pamphlet (for people who don’t want me to escort them around talking their ears off) and thinking about the newsletter I am supposed to be writing..and most likely wondering what in the world I have gotten myself into. Oh ya, and being interviewed, I would like to pass that one up..but I do want to have the Historical Museums blog up and running by then..and perhaps that is a great way to reach people…IF I can get them to feature it as a link in the local online Newspaper.

Now what is on my desk at home..

IMG_2535  I finished a few Cottonwood Bark Carvings.  Hopefully I will be mailing two of them off to the snow stick winners today.  The rest are all set to go..well they still need a display board.  The North Country Museum of the Arts is featuring Wood Carvers for an entire month this summer. Some of my bark carvings will be on display there.

IMG_2531 Each one is a little different..no two pieces of bark speak the same to me:)

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6 Responses to What’s on my desk?

  1. Jan - Alexandria says:

    These are darling! You do very nice work. Do you sell any? :)

    The Douglas County historic society in Alex has been doing some fun fundraiser things. Maybe you can call them and pick up on some ideas. 320-762-0382. They may have a website. Good luck on your new adventure!

    • farside says:

      Hi Jan, I have sold a few..mainly we just give them away. I will check out Douglas County..Thanks! It is always nice to learn what others are doing to raise funds.:)

  2. Carey says:

    I’d suggest the following:
    1) have a monthly 50/50 raffle. The HS keeps 50% the other 50% goes to the winner. Maybe you could find an old piggy bank with a slot to put the tickets. Issues: you have to have them fill out tickets, they get one, you keep the one with the name address and number. $1.00/ticket $7 for 10.00. You have to keep track of the cash, and check on legal stuff in Minnesota
    2) Sell a Catered Party at the HS for a group of 10. Get the Catering cheap, and stay open late one night for the private showing.
    3) Sponsor a “historical” auction. HS keeps 10%, the auctioners get their cut and HS keeps the rest or you that share split 50/50 with the donor. You’d need to be donated “historical” items. I have a pin ball machine I might donate.
    4) Do a meal at the logging camp, have it a benefit for the HS, get the logging camp to donate 25% of their revenues for that day to the HS. You can provide advertising at the HS and get lots of people to go.
    5) Sponsor a dodge ball tournament at the High School. 5 person teams, split by age group.
    6) Get your carving group to donate items for a silent auction at the HS, you’d need space to have a table with items for auction, and a silent auction list for people to up the prices. You could do this in one moth segments with new carvings each month as you close out the bids on that month.

  3. How a about the NEWEST EMPLOYEE selling kisses at one of the fund raisers. FarGuy may go broke keeping the other guys away!!!!
    tree hee…sorry to be so foolish but you really got some good suggestions from the last commenter before my dumbness!!!

  4. farside says:

    Not a chance..LOL

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