Wistful Wednesday: 1884

In 1884 my Great Grandfather was Confirmed.

Christian Drewes Confirmation

This beautiful old document is dated April 06, 1884 in Walcottsville, NY.  My Great Grandpa was born in Germany on March 20, 1870 his birth name was Christian Higher.  He did not stay with his birth parents.  He became part of the Drewes family sometime before 1884, from then on he was known as Christian Friedrich Drewes. Was he adopted or just taken in..I am not sure.

He came from Germany when he was twelve years old (1882).  He told my Mother that he was on a ship for a really long time and he saw lots of rats.

I always knew he was in New York for awhile..I always assumed he must have been in New York City or that area.  What a surprise for me to find out that on his Confirmation Certificate it says Walcottsville, NY which is near Buffalo NY.

He was a logger and also worked in the CCC camps. He was crippled with rheumatoid arthritis.

Christian Drewes

He used a chair with wheels on it to scoot around. He died before I was born. I do know that my Great Grandmother was devoted to him, she took care of his every need for many years.

Christian and Hatwig Drewes 1944 Christian and Hatwig Drewes

This photo was taken in April of 1944 more than likely Easter Sunday April 09, 1944.  I looked really closely at the calendar.. I couldn’t figure out the photo on the calendar for the longest time..it is an Empty Tomb.. and the Good Friday and Easter Sunday are highlighted.  Oh ya it was almost 2:30 in the afternoon. This is one of the very few photos of my Great Grandparents Drewes together:)

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  1. Nice blog about your great grandparents…the photos are so clear. What a treasure to be the Keeper of Photos for your extended family.
    I transplanted a Russian sage plant this aftefrnoon with out getting too badly maimed by the exertion. I also burned my right pointer finger to a crisp from the first joint on up…oooh it hurt and still hurts even after massive ice cube applications and anitbiotic ointment and a huge band aid. I burned it lighting a fire to burn up dry flower stalks. Big UFF-DAH. It is hard to use the keyboard!!!!

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