April 29th on the 28th

Thirty-one years ago tomorrow my first nephew, Josh was born. I was so excited to be an Aunt for the very first time. He still calls me Auntie and freely gives hugs, he lives next door.

Cindy and Josh

“She who sees robins first” and Josh

It was “she who sees robins” birthday yesterday..I won’t divulge how old she is..but she was nineteen when she birthed Josh.  I took this photo earlier in the month at an open house at Station Number Two..Josh was walking around talking to little kids..showing them what a fireman looks and sounds like in an self-contained breathing apparatus. He did scare a few children.  Small children have been known to hide from firemen during a fire, because they were afraid..and firemen look and sound scary.

Mason I snagged this photo of Mason( Josh’s son) that day too..it was one day after he turned six.  He invited us to his birthday party.  I asked him what he would like for a gift..truly a gentleman he replied “I will like what ever you pick out.”  I asked again and he replied “A Transformers Movie” ..well ok what if I cannot find it what other movies would he like..Horses..no..Dogs ..yes. We found a Transformers Movie and just for good measure Where The Red Fern Grows one of my favorites.  The best present he got at his party was a giant gallon jar of pickles..he was just thrilled! He kept all of his requests straight and never asked for the same gift twice..impressive for a six year old. He got some water guns that Far Guy and I were both coveting..super blasters…we were both thinking what a fun thing to use with Chance!

I am not sure if I reminded you to change the batteries in your smoke alarm when we went to daylight saving time.  If you didn’t replace them..put it on your list of things to do.  I made Far Guy do it..he would like to eek out every little bit of juice from a battery and wait for the smoke alarm to start going beep-beep..not me..replace them:)

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2 Responses to April 29th on the 28th

  1. I can just see you and FG shooting powerful squirt machines at Chance! Look out he may not ever pose again just to get you back. Neat about Josh and his son…what a nice little boy he must be!!!!
    My daughter in law (the one who is a foster Mom for Adopt a Pet has used a spray water bottle to break habits (barking before they throw the tennis ball) on Rocky..their very own adoptee!!!! Rocky has learned to “shet his mouf” from that water treatment!!!

    • farside says:

      Hi B Gal..But Chance loves the water..we can spend a whole afternoon squirting water in the air for him to jump up and catch..a huge squirt gun would be great! :)

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