Thinking about May Day

Are you thinking about May Day?  Are you thinking about making a small basket to deliver to a small child or an elderly neighbor?  You still have time..May Day is Sunday.

This is how I made mine this year.IMG_2622

I cut some fancy strips on my 12 inch wavy pattern, that is the red round cutter in the background.


Then you flip flop one over the other so it looks like a braided handle…sometimes they curl up on you are are hard to photograph.


This one didn’t curl..and looky that I have half of a circle…to make a cone!!


I stapled my cone on the seam.

IMG_2638 Then added my braided handles and stapled them again..and then I filled them with half price Easter Candy!

IMG_2646 There I am all ready for May Day are you?  It’s ok you still have time..cups and pipe cleaners make May Baskets too..or just plain old plastic is the thought that counts. My old cake pan is full and waiting for the deliveries on Sunday. I have 8 small children that might be waiting for their baskets.

I have been celebrating May Day since I was just a little girl. It is almost a forgotten tradition. I hope it gains in popularity.

Make a basket, hang it on the door knob or set it near the door, knock on the door or ring the bell..and run away so you are not caught and kissed:)

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  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Oh so pretty… I am just NOT artistic but I admire your talent SO MUCH!! Your lucky neighbors and great nephews and nieces!!!!
    Give Chance a hug from Buffalogal!

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