All for the birds

Far Guy has been hearing the Loons since Wednesday the 27th of April. I have not heard them was way too windy to hear anything yesterday except for the wind rushing through the barren trees.

Our acquaintance Larry has the Loon Cam up and running again. I have a whole page dedicated to the Loons..check it out on the black strip right under the photo of the Bleeding Hearts. There is a link there that will take you to the Loon Cam and Larry’s Loon blog.

Here are a few birds that are in our yard this week.

Downey Woodpecker

A Downey Woodpecker

A Female Cardinal

A female Cardinal!!  We were both very excited to see her, our neighbors have been reporting that they have Cardinals..we have never had one in our yard it was quite an event! 


This is one of our new feeders..the Downey Woodpecker likes to hang on it upside down.


We fill this feeder almost everyday, some of the seeds end up on the ground for the Juncos and the fat squirrel. I have been noticing some fresh rabbit we are feeding the entire neighborhood.

Pine Siskin

This is a very happy Pine Siskin. They arrived last weekend along with the Purple Finches.

Far Guy put up another bird bath so that the birds would have more fresh water..they like to drink water out of Chances Coffee Can..and of course Chance shares.

We enjoy watching the birds especially this time of year when the bird populations change so much.  We still have Juncos, Nuthatches and Chickadees visiting the feeders:)

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3 Responses to All for the birds

  1. Jan - Alexandria says:

    Love the bird pictures! We feed he birds and enjoy watching year round. Love the round feeder. Need to look for one of those. We have cardinals year round but worried as we hadn’t seen the female much this winter. She is still here. They are at the feeders earlier than anyone else in the morning and at dusk but inbetween too. Never see the babies. They are late hatchers I think. Spring is coming!?

  2. Sharon, Alex expatriate says:

    Found this blog when I came looking for news of my home town’s earthquake. I’ve watched Larry’s loons for the past 4 years — I’m so pleased you’ve posted a link to that site. Watching those loons makes me homesick, but also grateful to have grown up with these wonderful birds in my lakefront “front yard.”

  3. Kay Syvrud says:

    Wonderful pictures! I want cardinals so badly but so far none. Plenty of juncos living in the spruces and eating what I throw under the trees for them. Maybe they won’t move to Canada for the summer with my buffet for them each day.
    I saw a pair of purple finches this week also. I hope they will come and eat grape jelly like they did two summers ago. Jerry say the crows this morning..probably Holmer and Jethro..I had thrown out baked potato leftovers and they were eating them. Chicakdees, downy woodpeckers, nuthatches….are around but my feeders are down for the season I think. WE need to deal with our bluebird house..I hope it is not too late.

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